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Protect your company’s profitability from volatile energy
prices by converting your lift trucks
to electric power.

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The winter of 2014 was long and harsh. Record low temperatures and record high snowfalls negatively impacted many industries. Because of extreme low temperatures and a barrage of severe winter storms, the Midwest and other US areas declared propane emergencies.

Propane was in short supply, and prices skyrocketed: wholesale prices increased from $1.25 per gallon to average $3.50 per gallon. Some cities reported retail prices in the $6.00 per gallon range.


What does this mean for lift trucks fleets that depend on propane?

Even if fleets avoided price spikes by way of a supply contract, the increased overall demand and 40% less propane inventory brought interruptions in supply, wreaking havoc on companies’ abilities to service customers and manage cash flow.

Not every winter is as severe as the winter of 2014, but the fact is, propane prices have gone up and down – mostly up – for the last 20 years:


If you were to convert your lift trucks from propane to electric power, you could avoid the effect of fuel shortages and price volatility. In fact, for the last five years, the average price of electricity has barely budged:


Even more compelling: in any weather, electric lift trucks still cost less to run. I’ve completed more than 200 electric truck conversions for a global manufacturer. They are saving more than $1,000,000 per year in fuel costs alone.

So if the lease is coming due on your propane powered forklifts, take a look at converting to electric Contact us for more information.