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Sustainability, Simplified

Since 2008, EnerSys® customers have eliminated more than 240,000 tons of onsite CO2 emissions by switching from internal combustion to electric powered lift trucks.  And with C2E℠, we’re making it even easier for your company to go green.

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  • Eliminate on-site CO2, CO and NOx emissions – on Day 1.
  • Each electric lift truck prevents 12 tons of CO2 and CO from entering the atmosphere each year.
  • At 98%, lead-acid batteries are the most recyclable and recycled products on earth.
  • Eliminate the need to dispose of used oil, transmission fluid and filters.
  • Get rid of on-site exhaust soot and fumes.
  • Provide employees with cleaner air and customers with cleaner products.
  • Surprise: Fuel cells create 45% more well-to-pump CO2 than electric lift trucks.

Together, we’ll clear the air.

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