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Break the Tank,
Not the Bank

With C2E℠, you can lease the batteries and chargers as a monthly expense, and start saving valuable dollars on fuel, maintenance and labor from the day you convert.

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  • Save $6,300 per truck per year in fuel – starting day 1.
  • Lease batteries and chargers – no upfront capital required.
  • With no radiators, fluids or filters, electric lift trucks cost up to 40% less to maintain.
  • Regenerative brakes extend service intervals, extend tire life and reclaim energy.
  • Eliminate tank changes and save up to $75,000 a year in labor costs.
  • On average, electric trucks hold a higher residual at the end of a 5yr lease.
  • With no flammable gas on site, facility insurance is generally lower.
  • Bonus: Most utilities offer conversion incentives – and we’ll help you get them.

See how we make converting to electric an exercise in savings.

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