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For operations that run
non-stop, electric trucks
deliver lasting power.



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When you’re the industry that keeps all other industries stocked and supplied, there’s no time to waste, and no space to spare. Cross docks and fulfillment centers have delivery schedules to meet, products to move, and unforgiving timelines that require teams to work without stops.

On top of it all, space is at a premium. Floors and shelves are filled with a constant rotation of goods. Even the most skilled forklift driver can find it challenging to maneuver through the maze of shelves and aisles.

Internal combustion forklifts present more challenges. Drivers must stop to change propane tanks, increasing cross facility traffic and the possibility of accidents. Facilities need space to store tanks and when mounted on a truck they reduce rearward visibility. Tailpipe emissions can damage goods, require costly ventilation and negatively impact employee health.

The solution? Electric forklifts powered by long-runtime batteries.Electrics will run through multiple shifts, overnight, even outdoors, without changing batteries or tanks. And because electric trucks have shorter chassis, they’re easier to maneuver. With no tank to block a driver’s view, they help avoid accidents, and no tailpipe means no emissions.


Here’s another plus: When electric trucks stop moving, their motors stop using energy. That means for the 9 minutes of every hour a truck might have to wait for loads to be weighed and measured, an electric lift truck wastes no energy. Compare that to a propane-powered lift truck that burns 400 gallons a year simply idling.

Whether you’re moving materials, shipping goods or filling orders, consider the advantages of electric lift trucks — maneuverability, endurance, efficiency, power, and a cleaner, safer workplace.

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