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Electric lift trucks can
help your company reach
its recycling goals. Lead-acid
batteries are the most recycled product on the planet.

At 98% recyclable, lead-acid batteries are one of the most useful and re-usable fuel sources for your company. Looking at five items most recycled in the US, lead-acid batteries top them all in the amount of materials recycled from the original product.

Battery Council International

When a lead-acid battery is recycled, 98% of all its materials can be recovered. The lead, plastic, electrolytes and other elements are cleaned, separated and processed. When EnerSys® manufactures new lead-acid forklift batteries, up to 80% of the battery contains this recycled material. That makes lead-acid batteries one of the best examples of post-consumer waste reclamation.

Your used batteries should never have to reach a landfill. In fact, Enersys® has certified battery recycling programs that will handle disposal, documentation and adherence to federal and local regulations.

Compared to fuel cells or propane, lead-acid batteries are better for your company’s sustainability goals and best for the environment.