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…Choosing the right fuel for your lift
trucks can cut maintenance
and increase uptime.

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Maintaining Your Lift Trucks

A Side-by-Side Comparison 
When you’re in the market for a new lift truck, it’s vital to consider the effort and time needed to maintain these workhorses of your operation. Properly maintained trucks last longer and work better, saving money. Choosing the right power source will help save even more on maintenance and reduce downtime.

What does it take to maintain a lift truck? As the chart shows, electric trucks require far less service than LP powered trucks.


And if you select opportunity or fast charging, there’s no need to change batteries and no equipment to maintain. Operators recharge during regular breaks, increasing uptime.

Electric trucks bring other technologies that help streamline maintenance. Traditionally, operators relied on gauges to tell when fluid levels were low or service was needed. Today’s electric trucks offer new intelligence capabilities like wireless monitoring devices to tell operators when batteries need charging, watering and equalization.

Battery and charger systems also allow managers to track how each truck and battery is performing. These systems record minute-by-minute energy throughput, providing detailed information to help managers improve overall fleet performance.

For more information about the maintenance advantages of electric trucks, contact your lift truck dealer or contact EnerSys.